Apr 29, 2020

Does your pool deck need a makeover?


Does your pool deck need a makeover? In today's world swimming has been proven to be one of the best exercises you could put your body through. More benefits to enjoying a pool is on those nice long summer days. It cools you down and in some cases can provide that nice balance and escape from reality. Having said this if your pool area isn't up to par meaning: run down, cracked, old and boring. Then a pool deck makeover could be just the right thing for you to get you feeling good about life

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Dec 3, 2019

Advantages Of Pool Deck Resurfacing


Advantages Of Pool Deck Resurfacing In today's society, everyone is looking for a shortcut solution. Instant gratification if you must. There are many different options and approaches that can be taken when it comes to how to renovate your pool deck. Thankfully pool deck resurfacing narrows down those options and stands out to the rest. It takes very little time and is affordable compared to other options such as replacing the entire slab and starting from scratch. A full replacement costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time. Pool deck resurfacing is the leading

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Nov 29, 2019

Maintaining your new garage epoxy floor


Maintaining your new garage epoxy floor The Do’s and Don'ts Epoxy floors have always been known for their durability and longevity. Not to mention their versatility on where and how they can be applicated. Although durability is a huge selling point for epoxy floors there are some dos and donts when maintaining epoxy flooring. One of these dos is keeping your garage floor surface dirt and grit-free. This is especially relevant when moving your vehicle in and out of your garage. Dirt and grit can scratch your new epoxy floors if allowed to remain there without being

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Nov 21, 2019

Reasons to consider metallic epoxy for your shop


Luxury Garage Flooring Made Affordable When you are looking for a garage floor coating that has the customization of a luxury flooring system with the performance of an industrial facility, you can feel as if you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. There are garage flooring options like stamped concrete, heavy-duty carpet, and interlocking tiles but, none of these options will provide the protection, chemical resistance or the customization of an epoxy flooring system! Where traditional garage floorings fail, garage floor epoxy is able to thrive so is it time to start

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