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Pool Deck Resurfacing
When it comes to pool deck resurfacing, choosing the company that tends to your exact needs is very important. Our resurfacing professionals will transform your old pool into a luxurious relaxing masterpiece. A properly resurfaced pool deck is designed to mimic that 5 star hotel look into your own backyard. Resurfacing your pool deck is not only a quick and easy project but it also adds value to your property. Our pool deck resurfacing allows you to:
  • Install a surface to wow your family and friends
  • Demonstrate a slip free environment
  • UV ray resistant surface
  • Install a pool deck designed to last for decades


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Pool deck repairs

Providing the best service for years

At Epoxy Flooring Houston we are dedicated to serving you in all of your pool deck needs. Have a damaged and unwanted pool deck? Tired of looking at the burden in your backyard? Turn that mess into a piece of art. Not only do we specialize in resurfacing but we specialize in repairing as well. At an affordable and convenient price, pool deck repairs will help you eliminate common problems found in outdated decks. Whether its a pool deck you once love that has fallen to abuse from the sun and time, or a new home that just needs some tender love and care. Revamp and put an end to:
  • Cracks and abrasions
  • Recoloring and patchwork
  • Resurfacing and stain removal
  • Affordable and dazzling
  • Aesthetic versatility
  • Strengthen your old concrete slabs

Benefits of Pool Deck Resurfacing

Number one Pool Deck Resurfacers in Houston

When it comes to resurfacing your pool deck you make a choice to enjoy all of the benefits that come along with that decision. With easy maintenance and a long lasting finish, resurfacing adds value to your home. Safety is always a great concern which is why resurfacing can save a life. Add a slip resistant surface to your pool deck all while maintaining a beautiful finish that will last for years. Provide yourself with a reimagined and mind altering 5 star quality pool deck. A deck worth spending time on and showing off to your friends and family.
Beneath your pool deck lies fragile pipe lines as while as concrete. With a resurfaced deck you’re protecting those pipelines that connect and operate the pool itself. If you’re looking to sell your property in the near future, resurfacing may drastically increase the value of your home. In addition it can oftentimes assist in passing certain inspections that may need to be inspected.

What we offer

Redefine Pool Deck Resurfacing

With an extremely vast set of materials at our disposal we offer a wide variety of different resurfacing options. Whether you’re looking for acid stained concrete, stamped concrete, kool decking or even stenciled concrete were confident that we have the right selection for you.
concrete pool deck
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Stamped Concrete

Building the most beautiful pool decks in all of Houston

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck
If you’re considering stamped concrete, you’ve found the right contractor for you. Stamped concrete is one of the most common resurfacing options, for its luxurious appearance and low maintenance. Stamped concrete gives you the ability to have nearly an unlimited amount of customization:
  • Slate designs
  • Flagstone
  • Fieldstone
  • Brick, cobblestone
  • Wood
Stamped concrete is whether resistant and slip free. The material is exceptionally durable and long lasting and becomes very durable once properly sealed.

Kool Decking

Professional Pool Decking Resurfacers for Years

Since 1962 Kool Decking has been one of the most demanded and reliable pool deckings. For its unique appearance to its simple application, Kool decking protects itself from the harsh chemicals most commonly found in pools such as chlorine and other cleaning agents. With a wide variety of color options the paint itself is designed to reflect the sun’s harmful rays. Resulting in a nice and pleasant pool deck to walk on during that hot summer day. Kool decking comes with its own unique texture that additionally adds a strong slip resistant surface. Safety, beauty and cool feet all in one service!
kool decking for pools
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Our pool deck resurfacing will change your way of life forever. We’re here to serve you and assist you in any way possible. If you have any questions or would like to receive additional information on any of our products, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call! Below are questions we may already be able to answer.
How Long Does Resurfacing Take?
The evaluation begins by taking a look at the repairs that may need to take place on the current concrete slab. We then fill the cracks and damaged surface with a specialized material designed to prohibit any further cracks from taking place. A small repair can be finished in a day. Where as a complete resurface and range anywhere from 3-5 days.
The Process for Pool Deck Resurfacing
The first step is outlining the process of the concrete overlay. From there any previous concrete coating. In the case there isn’t any previous coating, we start by filling every crack and chip that exists on the current surface. This process greatly assists in providing a smooth and beautiful smooth finish when applying the final coat. Amongst finishing the project a special sealer is applied to mimic the feel of sand that is activated from liquid to provide a slip free and safe environment.
Is Pool Deck Resurfacing Affordable?
When compared to all of the options, we guarantee that resurfacing is the most affordable option. Every other option involves much more time consuming work such as removing and reapplying your current concrete. We live in a world where time is money and when a project takes more time. You’re losing a lot more money. Resurfacing your pool can even prevent cracks from happening, saving either a couple hundred dollars to even thousands.