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Rustic Wood Flooring Houston
If you are in the market for natural wood flooring, chances are that you already know about the possible disadvantages of the system. From long and strenuous maintenance and a limitation on where it can be used, natural wood doesn’t get the job done for the modern home or business owner, so what do you do if you want wood without the hassle?
Well, we have found the solution to be replacing your traditional wood flooring with wood concrete, a decorative variation of stamped concrete. Wood concrete is an ultra-durable and versatile floor coating that doesn’t require much maintenance but down below, you can find everything you need to know about our flooring solution!


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Why You Should Use Wood Concrete

The Evolution Of Wood Flooring

When it comes to our wood concrete solutions, there isn’t much that the system cant handle. While it is a decorative concrete option, it uses a material in our stamping process that makes our wood concrete overlays stronger than conventional concrete.
Are you curious as to our wood concrete floors can benefit your home or business? Well, we have taken the best benefits of our floor coatings and outlined them down below:
Wood Stamped Concrete
Easy To Maintain
Unlike traditional wood flooring, maintaining your rustic wood concrete is one of the easiest and fastest maintenance regiments possible. When your concrete coating is properly sealed, it will be able to resist damage from stains, scratches and heavy foot traffic. Along with keeping your concrete properly sealed, the only regular maintenance you need to accomplish is the sweeping of the coating with a broom to remove debris and the use of a PH neutral detergent with your mop.
Concrete Wood Floor
Ultra Durable
Our rustic wood concrete overlays are by far one of the strongest materials that you can use to protect your concrete. When you have your wood concrete installed by a professional, your flooring system can withstand up to 6,000 PSI, making the coating even stronger than normal concrete. This added strength will keep your concrete safe from heavy storage, dropped objects and foot or vehicle traffic, helping your concrete last longer than ever before!
Wood Floor Epoxy
Rapid Installation
When you choose our team to be your go-to wood concrete installer, you will find that our team has the ability to install your decorative overlay faster than many other contractors in Houston without skipping steps like the other guys. If we are installing the coating on new concrete, we will have to wait at least 28 days. After that 28 days or for existing concrete, we can have your floor ready in 2-4 days!
Concrete Floors That Look Like Wood
Investment Factors
One of the biggest reasons why so many homeowners are making the switch to wood concrete is the amazing investment opportunities they can bring to your home. For example, concrete that is coated with our materials is better protected, warranting a higher price. Many homeowners with concrete coatings have reported that they have acquired an ROI of at least 75-80% and an increase in home value up to 10% by using a concrete coating.
Rustic Wood Flooring
Low Lifetime Costs
If you have wood or have owned wood in the past, you know just how expensive it can be to keep your wood flooring looking attractive. With wood concrete, extensive and costly maintenance is a thing of the past. The only long term maintenance that you will have to endure is the replacement of the sealer which can last anywhere from 1-5 years depending on where it is placed. The sealer can also be protected with wax.

The Versatility Of Wood Concrete Houston

Decorative Options Wherever You Need Them

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits that home and business owners stand to gain from using our rustic wood flooring over the traditional style of wood is that our coatings can be placed nearly anywhere without consequence, from indoors to out, residential to commercial. Down below, you will find a few of the most common areas that our coatings are used:
The following areas are those that have been known to thrive with our rustic wood flooring in place:
  • Reception areas are a great place to have our wood concrete, they are resistant to heavy amounts of foot traffic and can make a boring and dull reception area or waiting room seem more alive and inviting.
  • Garage floors and driveways can be coated with our materials to make the garage look cleaner with stain resistance and the fast and efficient maintenance protocol of the wood concrete system. By placing the coating in your garage and on your driveway, you will create a flow leading to your home, increasing curb appeal.
  • Living areas can also be a great area for our systems, especially in homes with small children or pets. The defensive properties of the flooring will make sure nothing happens to the coating itself or the underlying concrete.
  • Retail facilities can increase the curb appeal of their business with decorative wood concrete, increasing customer flow, and its texture will even make the flooring safe when wet!
  • Larger areas such as schools, government facilities, and even veterinarian offices
Find yourself having a few questions? Well before you make the call, take a look at a few of our most commonly received questions!
Is Wood Concrete Safe?
Yes, wood concrete is an incredibly safe flooring system for two main reasons. The natural texture of the concrete material used has a natural texture that helps the flooring system provides traction, making the floor coating safe and easy to walk on even if the coating has become wet or soiled. With a sealer in place, the coating can reflect light efficiently, making darker areas much brighter without the use of additional lighting sources.
How Long Does It Last?
One of the best features of the wood concrete flooring system is that the coating can last decades when it is both professionally installed and properly maintained. With our help, we can provide a coating that can last anywhere from 15-30 years, depending on where the coating is placed and how well the coating is maintained. If you are using existing concrete, its condition will also play a role in how long the coating lasts.
Will The Concrete Crack?
When you have your flooring installed by the pros, you will experience minimal cracking as the coating has been properly installed and we only use the highest quality of materials to coat our client’s concrete. The unfortunate reality when working with concrete and concrete coatings is that no matter what, they are going to crack at some point due to natural expansion and contraction. But, cracks in wood concrete are often small and unnoticeable where larger cracks can be patched to a degree.
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