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As one of the leading epoxy garage floor installers in Houston, Texas, we offer high-quality and reliable garage floor epoxy that’s as hardworking as it is economical. Homeowners in Houston love garage epoxy for its strength, durability, and professional appearance. Whether you are a hobbyist, home mechanic, or you simply want a clean, dust-free garage, we can help. Our garage floor epoxy in Houston, TX is an affordable way to update your garage and even boost your home value.
We serve Greater Houston with a team of licensed, experienced garage floor epoxy contractors who can deliver superior results. Don’t trust a DIY garage epoxy kit; only careful concrete preparation and industrial grade epoxy solutions can deliver smooth, flawless results that last 10-20+ years.


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Clear Benefits of Garage Floor Epoxy

Epoxy flooring in Houston is a clear winner with many benefits you can enjoy:

Our epoxy installers use only the best garage floor epoxy products for superior and long-lasting results. Epoxy flooring in Houston is a clear winner with many benefits you can enjoy:
  • Resists stains even from gas and oil spills.
  • Economical flooring solution with a low installation cost and a long life.
  • Easy to clean seamless surface can be swept and mopped. There is nowhere for dirt and dust to hide.
  • Resists all types of damage, including abrasion, hot tires, dropped tools, chemicals, and moisture
  • Covers imperfections on your existing concrete floor. When professionally installed, your concrete is prepared before epoxy installation for smooth, flawless results.
  • Protects your concrete floor. Unlike other floor coverings, a garage epoxy coating is actually a protective coating that prevents damage to your concrete garage floor.
  • Customizable look and finish. Epoxy flooring comes in many colors. Our experienced contractors can also create beautiful effects whether you want a single high-gloss color, a unique pattern, or a show-stopping metallic epoxy garage floor.
  • Quick installation. Professional garage floor epoxy can be installed quickly, usually in just 1 day even with concrete preparation.

Give Your Tired Concrete Floor a New Life

Garage epoxy in Houston, TX

Concrete floor
Searching for a seamless flooring solution for your tired, cracked, and dusty garage floor? Garage epoxy in Houston, TX may be just what you’re looking for. A growing number of homeowners are turning to an epoxy garage floor coating to transform dirty and worn-out garage floors in just 1 to 2 days.
The beauty of garage epoxy is hard to beat. It’s a hardworking surface that resists damage and stains, even with heavy-duty use. It works on almost any existing garage floor to hide imperfections in your concrete and give you a brand new, seamless, and glossy floor system. It’s also economical. Professional garage floor epoxy usually costs just $3 to $12 per square foot yet lasts at least 10 years. In fact, many garage epoxy floors are still going strong after 20 years or longer.

Safe, Non-Slip Garage Floor

Epoxy is a great solution

Safety is a big priority, especially in a garage that faces water and spills. Epoxy is a great solution for creating a safe and non-skid surface that’s still easy to clean. When it’s dry and clean, garage floor epoxy feels like a basketball court with sufficient traction. To increase slip resistance and add more traction, we can easily add your chosen level of non-slip additives to the top coat. Even when the garage floor gets wet, it will remain slip resistant.
Non-Slip Garage Floor
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Brightens Your Dark Garage

garage epoxy can brighten the garage by up to 300%

Brightens Your Dark Garage
Whether you use your garage merely as storage or you use it as a home workshop, you can likely benefit from a brighter space. Garages, like basements, tend to be damp, chilly, and dark. Even overhead lighting isn’t enough when you’re working on your car or hobbies. Garage floor epoxy in Houston is a great solution for making your garage more functional because it dramatically brightens the space. With an ultra-reflective surface, garage epoxy can brighten the garage by up to 300%. This creates a safer, warmer environment that also helps you see what you’re doing and find dropped objects on the floor.

Economical Update for Your Garage

Garage floor epoxy in Houston, Texas

Want to update your garage without spending a fortune? Garage floor epoxy in Houston, Texas is a cost-effective solution that protects your concrete foundation while giving your garage a new, hardworking surface. Garage epoxy in Houston costs around $3 to $12 per square foot, depending on the style, colors, and epoxy grade. This includes professional installation after careful preparation of your concrete substrate. Epoxy isn’t just economical in terms of the upfront cost; because it outlasts other floor systems by far, it comes with a very low lifecycle cost.
Update For Your Garage

Unlimited Designs and Options

What about something more personal and fun?

Unlimited Designs and Options
You don’t need to settle for a sterile gray garage floor. While epoxy is often used in industrial settings, it’s also widely used in everything from hospitals and offices to hotels, schools, and stores. Garage epoxy is one of the most customizable flooring systems you can choose. We offer almost unlimited options in terms of colors, designs, effects, and even properties.
Personalize your garage with garage floor epoxy that fits your needs and personality. Want something bright and clean for working on your hobbies in the garage? A light color like white offers the best light reflectivity and makes it very easy to spot even tiny objects you drop. Want a bit more color? Consider a high-gloss color like red, blue, or green. What about something more personal and fun? We can incorporate designs and patterns into your garage epoxy. We can even add your favorite sports team’s logo! Another fun and unique option is a metallic garage epoxy floor. Metallic epoxy resembles colored glass and may look like lightning, still water, liquid metal, or something else completely.
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Homeowners love garage floor epoxy in Houston, TX because it’s a low-cost and versatile solution that can last decades with little care. If you’re tired of a dusty, bland, and stained garage floor, it’s time to give us a call about epoxy garage floor installation. Do you have any questions about the installation process or epoxy options? Please give us a call! Until we hear from you, here are a few commonly asked questions about epoxy garage floors
How long should a garage epoxy floor last?
The longevity of garage floor epoxy in Houston, TX depends on the quality of the epoxy, preparation of the concrete foundation, how well the flooring is installed, and the amount of wear and tear on the floor. Our epoxy floors last at least 10 years, even in high-demand industrial settings. This means your garage floor epoxy should last even longer. We often see epoxy floors that are 20 years old or even older that look and perform wonderfully. With minimal care, your epoxy should last decades without deteriorating or peeling.
How long until I can use my new epoxy garage floor?
As a general rule, you need to give the garage epoxy coating time to cure completely before using it completely. We recommend avoiding use of your garage floor for the first 1-2 days. Your floor will be fine with light foot traffic after 24 hours but it should be kept to a minimum until the third day. You should also avoid cleaning the floor during this period of time. It can take the epoxy up to 5 days to cure completely at which point you can drive and park in the garage without worrying about tire damage, stains, or spills.
How will the concrete foundation be prepared for epoxy?
The key to a smooth and long-lasting garage epoxy coating? Careful preparation of your concrete slab. This is why it’s always best to use epoxy garage floor installers over a DIY kit, which is bound to fail within a couple of years due to poor preparation and low-quality epoxy.
Prior to installing your floor system, our garage floor epoxy contractors will assess the condition of your concrete floor. If epoxy is applied to a weak, crumbling, or cracked substrate, it will not bond properly and it won’t last. For superior bonding, the floor must be in good condition and completely dry.
If your concrete floor has stains, cracks, or other damage, our contractors will start by preparing the floor. Grease and oil stains will need to be lifted and cracks must be repaired. The concrete will also be prepped by shot blasting or diamond grinding which profiles the concrete surface, removes irregularities, and opens pores. The floor will also be primed to help the epoxy bond for a long time. Once the primer is applied, the epoxy resin will be mixed in the proper ratio with the hardener for the right chemical reaction that results in a superior bond and strong coating.